Breeding policy

Our breeding policy has been to maintain the unique character of the Breed, to use home bred bulls and bulls from the best folds which are above average in growth potential with a good frame and well developed hind quarters, never forgetting that the Highlander was developed by our ancestors to thrive and produce a calf in the rugged wet climate of north and west Scotland and the islands off the west coast where the vegetation is of low quality and the turf cannot withstand the tramping of heavy cattle.

As a family over the past 60 years of breeding Highland cattle we have enjoyed the friendship and enthusiasm that we have experienced from breeders both nationally and internationally. The breed has given us the opportunity to visit parts of countries which we would probably never have visited, always being assured of a warm friendly welcome. Many breeders have assured us that were it not for the friendly and helpful attitude of established breeders they would never have become involved with Highland cattle.


We have exported over 300 cattle to Denmark, France, Estonia, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Some of them have gone on to do well in the show ring for their new owners. Morag 32nd of Woodneuk and Arne of Woodneuk have both been National Champions in Denmark and a bull that we exported, Urquhart, was champion in Switzerland.